Kathy Lonnie Jody


“She showed great understanding & was non-judgmental”

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“Marilyn helped me to be a more positive, confident person”

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“Marilyn is truly gifted as a hypnotherapist”

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Hypnosis & Healing

Hypnotherapy combines hypnosis induction with counseling techniques to access the subconscious to connect feelings and behavior.

Reiki Therapy

Reiki therapy rids the body of stress, anxiety, fear and encourages the body to do natural healing to restore your physical and emotional well being.

Magnet Therapy

Magnet therapy uses the Emotion Code release with magnets on the neck and the spine to releases unseen baggage and trapped emotions from the body.

Chakra Clearing

Chakra Clearing helps keep your bodies energy healthy and flowing. There are many benefits, including increased physical energy and emotional well being.

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“Marilyn’s hypnotherapy has made a huge impact in my life. She helped me to deal with and lessen my anxiety, depression, and an OCD issue to name a few things. She’s intuitive and very knowledgeable and hypnotherapy with her is fun, effortless and so comfortable. Because of her, I am a much more healthy and happy individual and know myself so much better!! She is simply a wonderful hypnotherapist and I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants a mind-makeover.”

Featured Client Testimonials

Hear from real clients as they share their success working with San Diego’s best hypnotist, Marilyn Salerno.

Alan “Mitt” Mittleman
Owner of Drive Auto Care

Anique Oudshoorn
Arbonne International Sales Consultant

David Weinberg
Mental Healthcare Professional

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Welcome to Plastic Surgery of The Mind

Welcome to Plastic Surgery of The Mind. I’m glad you’re here. It’s been a journey and you probably have some questions about how hypnosis can help you.

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