I'm Not Good Enough"

I’m Not Good Enough”

We’re happy to announce that our second video “I’m Not Good Enough” has been released. In this video we address one of the more pervasive limiting beliefs in modern society, I’m not good enough or I’m not worthy. These limiting beliefs are formed in early childhood, and are carried with us throughout our lives.

Are limiting beliefs holding you back from finding happiness? Do you ever feel you’re not good enough? Hi, I’m Marilyn Salerno, Master Hypnotherapist, and I help people just like you all over San Diego to break free from the past and live the life they were born to live. Unlike psychotherapy which can take years to see results, hypnotherapy is fast acting and long lasting. My clients see immediate results with most issues requiring just one session. Many of our limiting beliefs are formed at age 6 and younger. Our unconscious mind stores these limiting beliefs and over time they become our inner beliefs. We carry them throughout life, often without knowing the damage they do to us. If you’re carrying around beliefs like I’m not good enough, I’m stupid, or the world isn’t safe, call me. If you’re ready to live the life you were born to live, I’m ready to help. I’m Marilyn Salerno with Plastic Surgery of the Mind, or marilynshypnosis@gmail.com

Hypnotherapy has been found effective for weight loss, anxiety, guilt, depression and a host of other conditions. Join people all over San Diego who have seen real relief with hypnosis by working with Marilyn Salerno.